Privacy Policy

This is the official website for TRADUKO Soft. On this website, content relating to our projects are featured. All things that are officially related to TRADUKO Soft is published on this website. Please review the following terms before commenting, subscribing to our mailing list, or visiting linked websites. Your privacy is of our utmost concern, and we will never sell your information, use your information, or do anything that could harm your privacy.

Regarding Your Personal Information

Section 1: General privacy terms relating to your personal information. Please read carefully to make sure you understand.
  • When you visit this website, none of your personal information, including your name, address, email address, IP address, or other information is sent to us or any third parties.
  • If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, your email address will not be sent to us or any third parties. You can also choose to unsubscribe, and if you do, all correspondence will be ended until you choose to resubscribe. The only time your email is ever visible to us is if you choose to contact us in relation to an inquiry. Even then, your information is never shared. We are very serious about your information remaining private and will always respect your privacy.
  • Google Analytics is used on this website. However, only very basic information is sent to us, and none of it is personal nor can it be used to identify you. If you have enabled “Do Not Track” on your browser, or choose to block cookies on your browser or by using a third-party extension, you will still be allowed to use every single function on this website.
  • This website uses the Disqus comment system. By using the Disqus comment system, you will be following the terms and conditions of Disqus. By commenting on this website, you hereby agree and understand that TRADUKO Soft reserves the right to remove any comments that are deemed inappropriate. None of your information is sent to us outside of what you enter.
  • By visiting this website, you hereby agree and understand that TRADUKO Soft has the right to change this privacy policy at any time.
Section 2: Third-party websites.

At times, TRADUKO Soft may post interviews to certain websites where interviews or other information is hosted. TRADUKO Soft is not responsible for the content or privacy policies used on third-party websites. Websites such as social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) are not operated by us, and by visiting those websites, you must follow their terms and conditions.

Section 3: Regarding ads.

This website does not use ads of any sort nor is it monetized. By visiting this site, you are guaranteed an ad-free experience.

Section 4: Privacy information relating to the comment system.

This website uses Disqus for comments on posts. By using Disqus, you will be able to comment on any post we create. The social media account you use to comment or other personal information of that sort is not visible to us, nor are we allowed to request your information. The only information that is publically visible is the name you used to comment, as well as your profile picture. By commenting on our website, you agree and understand that we reserve the right to remove any comment at any time if it is deemed inappropriate. If you post any inappropriate comments, you will be banned from commenting on this website with no prior warning. Please keep all discussion civil. For more information regarding the Disqus comment system, please visit the official Disqus website.

Section 5: Google Analytics, page views, and non-identifiable information.

When you visit this website, non-identifiable information will be collected in the form of a cookie that lets us know that our website or other pages were visited. No information relating to anyone is visible, and all we are allowed to see are the amount of views a page of our website gets. If you are using a browser with the “Do Not Track” feature enabled, or block third-party cookies using your browser settings or a third-party extension, you will still be able to use every function on this website.

Section 6: Information regarding the privacy acts we follow.

Even though TRADUKO Soft is not a company, we make sure to follow all of the major privacy acts, such as COPPA, Can-Spam Act, CALOOPA, and other privacy acts. We also make sure to take notes from the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) in order to make sure we follow good privacy ethics on the behalf of our visitors.

Section 7: Required information.

If you have any further inquiries relating to our privacy policies, please feel free to contact us at