• What is TRADUKO Soft?

TRADUKO Soft is a fan translation group made up of fans, who translate obscure or niche Japanese games. I have been translating games since 2012, starting with Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable. Because TRADUKO Soft is unaffiliated with any corporations, I am able to make translating a fun and stress-free environment for anyone and everyone involved.

  • Who is TRADUKO Soft?

TRADUKO Soft is run by Mystic, the founder, main translator, as well as the lead of each project.

  • Is TRADUKO Soft a corporation?

TRADUKO Soft is not a corporation, despite its name. I am just a fan translator who prefers to make myself look official and professional.

  • So, you make money off of your scripts?

No, not at all. I am completely non-profit, and I make no profit off of anything. This site has no ads, and neither does my Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube pages. I am completely non-profit, and my translation patches are completely free. All you have to own is the original version of the game I am translating, which means you only pay the developers of the game. And, you are preventing piracy by purchasing their game.

  • When can we expect a release date for a certain project?

That all depends on the project, the time I have allocated for it, and other factors. One project is not the same as another project, and due to the limited size of this group, work sometimes can take a while depending on the project. No two projects are alike, so it’s hard to give an exact estimate of how long a game will take to translate.

  • How can I support TRADUKO Soft?

If you want to support me, there are many ways. You can join the group as a tester, translator, editor, or any other position. Whatever work you decide to do, I’ll be grateful. If you’d like, you can also join as a permanent or part-time member. So, please consider joining my team. I promise a nice working environment.

  • Are projects guaranteed to be released on certain dates and/or guaranteed to be released at all?

For the most part: Yes. However, there is always the possibility of circumstances that are outside of our control occurring, which could delay a release date for a certain project or indefinitely delay it. While I strive to make sure every project we work on is completed, I can never fully guarantee that a fan translation project will be fully completed. The reasons for this vary, and as they are all very rare, it isn’t something to worry about. However, I do want to point this out, so people understand that a fan translation is never completely guaranteed; even if it’s something the translator is working very hard on. If a project of mine is ever delayed or canceled, we will make sure to notify everyone via this website, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • I have a question that isn’t answered here. How can I get an answer for it?

Simple. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email me at support@tradukosoft.com